Gong Mallets, Singing Bowl Striking Mallets, hand made in West Australia.

Gong Mallets, to play your Paiste, Oetken, Tone of Life and Gongland gongs with. Gong Mallets for your Chinese Feng and Chau gongs. Striking mallets for Brass singing bowls. 

If you are looking to purchase a mallet, i can supply you with mallets of varying styles and functionality. Hand crafted from upcycled timber, and repurposed core materials, and finished with Australian natural product. Mallets to suit gongs of all sizes and origin, in matched or alternative weightings and size. I carry a small amount of stock, and tend to supply to demand.

Please note, there is a waiting period due to demand for the mallets. 

I regularly ship to Europe/UK and the U.S. Please note, customs duty is your responsibility if applicable.

Below are examples of what i have created upon request.

Pricing enquiries to paulford@gongwalkabout.com.au

Please enquire for custom sizing’s, such as Bowl or Drum mallets.


Small AUD $79.80
Medium AUD $89.90
Large AUD $101.00
I received the mallets on Friday, they are amazing !!!  Especially the Medium and Large…they are in a way exactly what I’ve been looking for since I started playing 4 years ago.  They seem to be able to wake up some modes and harmonics in some of my gongs that I have never heard before, they feel really good in the hands, perfectly balanced and weighted and most importantly they don’t produce this high frequency pff on soft attacks when the head comes in contact with the metal.  Also, a bit tougher to put into words, but on the initial attack,  they don’t seem to produce that high tension metal impact that I tend to dislike usually.  The Stubby’s (short handle), I’m not so sure how to use them currently but I’m certain I’ll find ways over time”.
“Thank you for your fantastic work and vision, I’m really looking forward to recording in the studio with these mallets this winter, they are simply pure joy to use”.
Cheers,  O   Canada.


Singing bowl striking mallets are available. In a small or Large sizing, with a choice of soft/ firm finish. All colours available. From $59.50



Returns policy is the same for all orders, Australian or international. Mallets to be returned for inspection to myself, unmolested. The buyer is responsible for the postage, which will be refunded if a genuine fault is identified.

All returns to be shipped as returns to avoid customs duty, failure to will result in the buyer being charged(deducted from the refund amount), any customs duty made payable by myself by Australian Customs. Refunds issued upon receipt of returned mallets, identified as problematic/ faulty.

 No refunds will be given if you have simply changed your mind,  resale of the item(Gong/stand/mallet) would be your option.

I reserve the right to modify any of the mallets at any given time, to suit ‘functionality’ of use for gong and bowl play.