Gong Mallets, hand made in West Australia.

Gong Mallets, to play your Paiste, Oetken, Tone of Life and Gongland gongs with. Gong Mallets for your Chinese Feng and Chau gongs.

If you are looking to purchase a mallet, i can supply you with mallets of varying styles and functionality. Hand crafted from upcycled timber, and repurposed core materials, and finished with Australian natural product. Mallets to suit gongs of all sizes and origin, in matched or alternative weightings and size. I carry a small amount of stock, and tend to supply to demand.

Please note, there is a waiting period due to demand for the mallets. 

Perth buyers benefit from home delivery, additional charges apply for interstate and international orders.

I regularly ship to Europe/UK and the U.S.

Below are examples of what i have created upon request.

Pricing is $175AUD per pair(2), single mallets $90 AUD LARGE SIZE

Pricing for SMALL is $155 per pair(2), single mallets $80 AUD

Please enquire for custom sizing’s, such as Bowl or Drum mallets.

  • I can supply multiple’s of the same mallet, with a discounted ‘wholesale’ pricing if you are a re seller, and will commit to repeat orders.

“I ordered some mallets off Paul and they are absolutely gorgeous. I love the sound that my gong makes with them. Thank you very much Paul I am very happy”-Fiona Walton, Queensland, Australia.