Gong Play Tutoring

You might be a newcomer to gong play and Sound Therapy, and maybe you are competent and familiar.

Either way, it is helpful and growth orientated to take a look at how you interact and play your instruments. Presence with your gongs is important. Technique is important equally, and that is subjective relevant to your own individuality. As a therapist where in the room are you?, with your gongs or out there on the floor with ‘anxiety’?, due to a belief that somebody or everybody is not enjoying the experience. Paying attention to your own present moment cognitive and emotional experience’s, can offer how much or less you are playing from your own intuitive self, or from a scripted belief.

Every gong responds with it’s own difference and tuning, how are you aligning and listening to your gongs?, and encouraging and allowing the gong to sound its tuning fully. When we work with sound, we are working with our own responsive-ness to that gong. Believing what we hear, acting upon that belief, adjusting presence with the gong and your participant’s in accordance to your belief(s). Lets explore the meaning you apply to what you are doing.

Cultural influence is always present and guiding the practitioner. living ‘multi dimensionally’ as the experience develops, in an attempt to fit into cultural and defined models of practice. As with birth, we are born into culture, and encouraged to follow the scripts. Which is helpful in a supportive way of navigating and developing gong play, yet paradoxically, it restricts the available experience of a ‘felt sense’ of being you Vs the culturally introjected(you shall be) self.

How do you play?, with vigour and a sense of determined aggression?, or with a progressive timidness?. Even maybe you move flow between ‘states’ of emotionality. Thus, your own process determines how you ‘show up’ with your gongs and as yourself. We can explore what happens and how you organise yourself as you play. lets look at ‘being’ rather than ‘seeming’. Gong play is fun, playful and at times can be dramatic!..lets explore what is possible.

There are no secrets to gong play, no magical movements. There is yourself, your own rhythmicity, and knowledge/ awareness of how each gong emerges into the cosmos of the experience.

As a newcomer to gong play, lets look at a straight forward and effective way of exciting, sustaining and varying the level of sound. Allowing your intuition to affect you and explore and unpack your own style of gong play.

As an experienced practitioner, we can look at how you transition between different gongs, how you work in a complimentary movement. And how you maintain a healthy physical and emotional process of living the experience.

Forward your interest to me at paulford@gongwalkabout.com.au